Delcath Galactic Corporate Colonization

An Asteroid Miners Saga: Survival, Secrets, and Spacefaring

A series where the vastness of space meets the depths of human resilience. Through the harrowing tales of space miners from the Delcath Home Dome, explore themes of survival, corporate greed, and the quest for identity amidst the isolation of remote postings and the challenges of extraterrestrial life.

  • Thrilling Survival Tales: From the danger-laden asteroid mines to the mysteries of alien encounters, experience the struggle for survival in the unforgiving vacuum of space.
  • Deep Emotional Journeys: Unpack the psychological and emotional toll of isolation on the human psyche, exploring friendship, betrayal, and the human spirit's indomitable will.
  • Rich World-Building: Immerse yourself in a meticulously crafted setting, from the claustrophobic corridors of space colonies to the vast, eerie expanse of alien landscapes.

Moral Quandaries and Corporate Exploitation: Delve into the ethical dilemmas faced by those living at the mercy of corporate interests, where human life often takes a backseat to profit. And the only resource is the company's bespoke AI companion.

First Contact and Beyond: Navigate the perils and wonders when humanity finally encounters human life, challenging their understanding of unity, materialism, and existence itself.

Every choice is a pulse-pounding adventure, resonating with the weight of survival, and the boundless mystery of space beckons. Whether it's the struggle for life in "Waiting on Delcath" or the unfolding mysteries in "Children of Delcath", each book offers a new layer to an epic tale of spacefaring humanity.

Don't miss out on this riveting series. Step into a universe where every decision could be the difference between life and death.

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Asteroid Mining Deep Space

Nonsequential. Short reads. Follow these ordinary workers as they uncover the truth about their corporate civilization and the metaphysical world underpinning our most basic assumptions about life.

  • Waiting on Delcath

    Three miners confront death in deep space, having landed the position through one miner's connections. Unqualified and unprepared, they discover more about themselves than they ever wante to know.

    Released in 2023

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  • Children of Delcath

    The juvenile unit on a small colony is far from the action in a galactic corporation. For one young miner, it is utter obscurity, a fate worse than death. But, nothng about mining for delcath is what it seems.

    Released 2024

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