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Children of Delcath - Ebook EPUB

Children of Delcath - Ebook EPUB

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Author: Allen, OA

Binding: Ebook - Digital

Read Time: 2.7p Hours

Release Date: 03-27-2024

Languages: American English


Children of Delcath weaves themes of identity, duty, ambition, and the interplay between human emotion and artificial intelligence into the background of a riveting coming-of-age tale. Afrit, a young miner on Kur Colony, grapples with societal expectations and personal dreams as she is embroiled in corporate manipulation and nepotism. Her journey is richly detailed and thought-provoking.

In this vivid and immersive world, the reader will explore futuristic concepts such as artificial wombs, virtual therapy, and AI companions. Delcath's socio-political structure invites readers to ponder the implications of such advancements.

In a world this advanced, what has happened to the caregiver? Has the family been abandoned? Or is this a new world with old problems?

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